Post Match Soothe Time...

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As one ehem, advances in years, playing competitive sports certainly takes it out on the body. Especially tennis, and especially at this time of year! Playing outdoors in the cold and damp causes the muscles to tighten and can very quickly result in injury.

Simply applying Soothe Cream to my shoulder area after a match makes all the difference!

And here's four reasons why...

  1. Rosemary and bergamot are shown to have muscle relaxant effects. Applying Soothe Cream before and after play reduces muscle tension before play, making muscles less likely to injure, and reduces muscle tension after play, reducing the pain cause by muscle tension.

  2. Frankincense is shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. Soothe Cream reduces post-play inflammation

  3. Arnica is shown to have tissue healing properties by drawing blood into the area of application speeding up the healing of micro fibre tears caused by tennis play

  4. Wintergreen - a basic analgesic which gives instant pain relief after play, whatever the cause of pain

Help yourself to stay fit over the winter months by keeping a jar of Soothe Cream in your tennis bag and obviously remember to warm up specially more so before even hitting a ball! Game on!

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